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Shaker High School Address: 455 Watervliet Shaker Road, Latham, NY 12110

Shaker Middle School Address: 475 Watervliet Shaker Road, Latham, NY 12110

Banquet Information

Banquet Guidelines

Hole in the Wall

The Booster Club sponsors the "Hole in the Wall" refreshment stand located across from the Shaker High School F-Gym. The Hole in the Wall is open each afternoon to serve our students and fans during practice and game times. 2 Volunteer parents from each sports program take turns operating the concession stand.

Hours are: Monday - Friday 3:00pm-5:00pm

The Hole in the Wall is closed for the 2021-2022 school year.

Team Parent Representatives

The Team Parent Representative will act as a parent liaison between the team's families and the Booster Club. Responsibilities Include:

  • Attend in-season Booster Club meetings (2 per season)

  • Promote Booster Club initiatives – Hole in the Wall concession volunteers, Bison Bonanza raffle ticket sales

  • Communication - Maintain lines of communication between individual sports teams and the Booster Club, including volunteer opportunities, upcoming events (banquet preparation), and information for any fundraising activities.

Athletic Placement Process (APP)

The procedure for students interested in participating on an interscholastic athletic team at the High School level.


7th and 8th grade students who want to participate in a sport at a High School level.


This evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s emotional and physical maturity (including height and weight); as well as athletic abilities, physical fitness, and sport-specific athletic skill in relationship to other student athletes at that level. Physical maturity is determined by the district medical director during a physical exam, using the Tanner Scale. The Tanner Scale requires the inspection of the entire body, including the breasts and genitals. The district does accept a history of menarche for girls in place of a physical examination. Upon passing the medical clearance, the student may proceed to the physical fitness and skill assessments. Students must pass all levels in order to meet the requirements of the APP.


Not everyone can do the APP test. Before testing, a conversation needs to be had with the athlete, family and coach. If the coach feels this athlete is suitable for a High School level sport, the Athletic Placement Process packet needs to be filled out and submitted by the coach.

The packet Includes a parent permission form, administrative approval form, medical clearance form, sport skill form, and the fitness testing form. The coach will provide the packet and Instruct families on what needs to be filled out before being returned to them.


This must be done by a certified physical education teacher, and or a faculty athletic manager who is not a coach of the sport for which the student will be trying out. The President’s Physical Fitness Test has been selected as the test for this process, and the student must meet the 85th percentile level for their age in 4 out of 5 test components. For students trying out for swimming, there is an alternate fitness test to the 1 mile walk/run- students trying out for swimming may choose to either do the 1 mile walk/ run or the 500 yard swim.


After the athlete has passed the medical clearance, sports skill evaluation and fitness test, the athlete Is able to try out for that sport. The athlete can not try out If this process has not been completed or passed.


Email Coach Sheeler with any questions.

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